A New Challenge

Had a bit of rain this week - about 38mm all up - and a blessed relief it's been too! Millie had fun running through the puddles on the driveway, and Toby enjoyed just watching her antics. Have a new challenge starting up in the new year which will need all of your support as voters of a favourite photo - stay tuned and I'll post up more info in a week. But for now - which one of these is your favourite??? Thanks for stopping by, x Me I Wonder...
"What's up your bum Gypsie?"

"Howdy folk!"

"Hmm, Cookie should we be out here?"


  1. Hi Dodie,

    I like the first one.


  2. Far Out, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! What fab pics, can't wait to see them scrapped!!!! xx

  3. I love them all but the first one does take the cake. Mary

  4. LOVE them all Donna but Toby's cute little bum is my fav!
    Awesome pics!
    Melis X