My Little Man

This photo was taken by the lovely Kirsty last night in the glow of the setting sun - nice eh!

Luv Me x


  1. love the pic, OMG how big is he getting doesn't the time fly.

    Ahhh so your moving back west, never got to met up. will happen one day though. would love your place. but so agreeing with the stinking heat. hasn't hit the 40's here yet but it's horrid and muggy


  2. gorgeous photo donna....loving your piccies babe

  3. Well howdy do people, and I just have to add what an enormous pleasure it has been meeting and getting to know Donna and gorgeous Millie and Toby here in Longreach. It brings a tear to my eye that we are soon to say goodbye :( Yeah and that photo is pretty darned snazzy eh! So do you reckon you might get a 50 mm lens now?? :)