A Double and a Thankful Journal

Hi everyone! Here's a double I managed to finish off last night. I've had this pic for a while now - it's one of my faves. I'd been pushing paper around for three nights trying to get it right on a single page LO - and then on the 4th night I got out another page and it all came together in about 20 minutes - amazing! I quite like it - even managed some sewing on those pussy-willow Hambly thingos! The next few pics are of a Thankful Journal I made for the lovely Kirsty. I got this idea from Emily Falconbridge - you can visit her blog for a short how-to on this one, link below. I'm half way through making one for myself as well. Each day you write down one thing you're thankful for - and it's for the whole year! Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x


  1. LOVE the LO and the delish Journal
    Donna...how many pages in the journal??? I there one for EVERYday of the year or just a random number? SO want to make one!

  2. Wow I love your journal you have made. Clever girl.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Love Pam

  3. Love love love the journal too, and would love to make one for myself to remind myself how lucky and blessed I really am! (I forget sometimes...) Will be a project for the New Year I think..
    And fab LO too, might have to scraplift that one!! Love your style it rocks my socks off!!! xx

  4. oh wow -- you are on fire girl - looks awesome -- mwah to you !

  5. fabulous journal .a fantastic new year project