Using My New Stash

Well finally I've been able to get creative again, after about a three week void, and it feels nice to be back in my own little bubble creating memories for the mob to enjoy - hopefully! These are the result of some of my spending up inPerth at Scraptivate - great shop btw. Sorry about the dodgy photos taken on the back verandah floor! But it was sooo windy today - nowhere else was calm enough. I actually departed from my normally freestyle style and bought a few pre-made embellies - just coz the whole two kid thing usually means I actually don't have time to do anything at all - so I think it's better to have something rather than nothing, even if it's a quick layout. The dragonfly one took about - 10 minutes, tops! Thanks for stopping by, luv Me x
Oh - and happy 100th post to me!!!!


  1. Justg loved looking at all the photos and the lovely way you have of turning them into something special.

  2. Your work is just gorgeous, I really like your style Donna.