a multitude of small delights...

blogger isn't playing nice tonight - it wont let me move the photos around, and lazy me doesn't want to delete them all and start again to get the order i wanted! i wanted to show you my new inspiration board first - but you'll have to scroll down for that! at the end of 2007 we moved from Longreach in central queensland to the west coast. we had a great old house which was an old shearers quarters - converted into a home and it was the closest i've ever gotten to having my dream home... so when we moved, i had to take the old set of french doors (which were i nthe shed, not on the house!) with me - with the thought of one day turning them into something interesting and lovely. so finally i have (well one of them at least) and now i have a little bitof nostalgia as well as happy thoughts with me in my studio... speaking of collecting happy moments (see photo below!) these two munchkins ran outside yesterday when we had a 2 minute shower just to try out their new wellie's in the rain (pitiful excuse for rain i know). they were so 'incited' ( that's three-year old for excited) and being such good friends i had to take a pic of it...

one of my favourite quotes - i have it hanging in my studio where i can see it all the time so that i never forget what true happiness really is...
and here's a little something i'm creating in my thursday evening tafe course on jewellery making. now it's a tad ostentatious for a necklace i know - i did get a bit carried away... but i was having alot of fun with the design so decided just to make a little something to hang in the studio. the little swirly mark thing is actually how i write a lower case 'd' and is in the heart shape as i sign all my art as 'donna heart' the little house is me and the wings are my dreams starting to fly...enamelling has been great fun, and next week we get to put our hand to etching into metal plates, so looking forward to that...and here's the old door which should have been at the top of this post :)
i'm nearly finished a few pieces so hopefully i'll have some more creative news for you soon. sorry it's been a while, i'll make amends - promise!
x me

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  1. no net ...boo hoo ,,im just not myself at all..cant get into the art...super jelly beans over your class with emily
    great to see you happy ,,send some my way baby