milo art...

i mentioned in my last post that i spent the weekend in some-what bliss creating in the purple palace's shed.  i was in no hurry this weekend and managed to complete three and almost finish off two more.  well i thought i'd almost finished.  that is, until i walked past these two paintings on my studio table today and noticed milo splashed all over one of them!!!  well, not exactly splashed all over... just the part of the painting which was the face painted in oil colour!!! ( am i overusing the exclamation mark here?????)  *breathe*  so i've just now had to re-do the entire face again and it will now be another 24-48 hours before she's ready to be detailed...  oh well - i suppose it could have been worse.  it could have happened after the face was completely finished.  and who do you think may have haphazardly splashed milo over my painting??? 

well i suppose i'm lucky.  they have been walking in and out of my studio now for years and this is the first real accident.  i hope it's the last!

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