be bold be brave

lately i've been riding a happy wave. you may remember that a couple of months ago i managed to get a heap of painting done - 14 actually, and to my absolute surprise, they all sold - very quickly. so i did a few more, and they sold too. so i grabbed what i had hanging on my walls, and they sold as well! to say i was beside myself is an understatement. it is hard to describe the feeling you get when you start to realise that there are people 'out there' who like what you make. but even more than that, when you know that your creations touch others' hearts and souls. it brought about totally unexpected feelings.
i realised that it was unfamiliar territory (oh so this is what it feels like to be happy again!?) - yes it has obviously been a while since my heart was happy and that's a scary thought. so this whole 'painting thing' has been on the one hand serendipitous, and another, healing and reassuring. reassuring in the sense that i can believe i'm on the right track. that i am heading in the direction i'm meant to be travelling. healing because i'm drawing closer back to the real me(who got lost along the way), and serendipitous because it was all so unnexpected and unplanned. such a wonderful and happy accident!
so this painting has evolved out of all of that. the words be brave, be bold are my mantra this week. i've got some big dreams, and i'm just at the beginning of making them real. so i need to trust my heart, trust my intuition and trust that the affirmations from others are real and authentic. and maybe, just maybe, my dreams will come to pass...


  1. oh happy daaaaayyyysssss....:-)

  2. it's scary to think that our dreams / desires might actually be there because they are meant to be "lived out" - they germinate within, but sooner or later they start to emerge and become part of the way you live. All you need to do is keep walking, one step at a time.

  3. She's very gorgeous Don - I hope you are keeping her to hang on your wall for inspiration. You most definitely ARE on the right track and walking the path you are meant to be on. Stay strong my friend.
    Yona x

  4. That's fantastic Donna! Keep on going, keep climbing, you are living the dream!