have yourself a merry little christmas...

september, and i'm thinking about christmas already...  are you?  i've recently finished this painting for a friend of mine.  he approached me to see if i'd donate a painting to be turned into a christmas card (along with some other artists) to create a pack of christmas cards to be sold as a fundraiser to help a little boy with muscular dystrophy. of course, there was nothing else to say but yes!  but it was quite nerve wracking as it's my first sort-of commissioned piece i've had to paint.  and although there were no stipulations other than 'it has to have a christmas theme' there was always the little voice in the back of my head saying that it wont be good enough!  anyway, i'm learning not to pay close attention to that dream-destroying voice!  so here 'tis.  would you buy this christmas card??? :)
x me