beautiful me, beautiful you...

well i finally finished off this painting last night and i'm really stoked with how it turned out.  this is one of the few paintings i've actually done a sketch for and when i was drawing her the words 'beautiful you' just spilled out across the page - it just came so easily.  i used the new claudine hellmuth paints on this one, and they really are so lovely.  there's not too many colours that don't go well together, it makes colour matching and blending so easy!  i painted her on a claybord which i absolutely love (will i ever return to canvas?) and of course the hat - she's obviously destined for race-round for sure!
it's spring here in western australia, and yesterday i planted pots and baskets filled with marigolds and petunias.  the everlastings are in full bloom and the sun is shining.  the cool sea breeze is here - it's easy to believe in beauty.  hope you're finding some beauty in your everday life as well,  x me

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