i've been hiding in the shed...

this weekend i've had all to myself  - almost all to myself - except for a bout 2 hours!  what a strange feeling it was not to have to respond to every little cry, squeal or command.  and to sleep in!!!  and all thanks to my wonderful awesome amazing sil and bro who let me bunker down at their house and take over their BIG SHED and ping-pong table as a make-shift studio...  there are three more paintings which are about 90% complete - i'm waiting for the oil paint to dry so should have them completed by tomorrow night.  but for now here's a bit of a show and tell for you.

 this painting here titled 'you are enough' is something a little different for me.  the town i live in is actually one of the windiest places on earth.  no kidding.  so i have to laugh because this is what most people look like when they head out for a walk here - lol!  but i suppose it's just about being happy in your own skin.  that we all have a unique magic to share with the world that no-one else can, and truly, that is enough...

and the next one - with the cocoon has been a little something brewing in my head for a while.  i suppose it can mean many things for different people - but for me, the inspiration was my two children, and just wondering where their lives will take them, what journey they will embark on in their own walk through life.  what will they do?  who will they meet?  what talents will come to the fore?  well, as the painting says,

just wait and see!

and don't be a stranger either - say hello and let me know where you've come from in the global village!  have a great week,
x me


  1. They're great. Can't wait to see the rest. xoxo

  2. Im trying to be patient and just wait and see where my own life will take me at the moment. I want to just hurry up and 'get there' but that is not the best way to travel, I know.

  3. My goodness, your stuff is just AMAZING! Absolutely love it, plus your beautiful blogs are such a great insight into being creative. My sister-in-law Mary Garrahy put me onto you after I gasped in awe over a painting on her wall - so wonderful. I'd love to meet you someday, you've inspired me to get into art-making again with my daughter, she's 7 and is helping to make some costumes for me to wear onstage (I'm a comedian).

    Anyway, I'm blathering like the sleep deprived tour de force that I am - just wanted to say I love your work and am so happy to see your stuff, you really are inspiring.


  4. oooohhhhhhhhh....I covet!!!! How do I get one of your paintings or prints?! I might treat myself for Christmas. Have always wanted to have art on the wall and never put aside the money for it, but your paintings are just so...joyful!