does my heart well...

it was a beautiful day here in our little part of western australia. spring has certainly sprung and our wildflower season is absolutely amazing! the peeps and i took a drive out to the lovely coalseam national park today with some friends and we were not disappointed. the flowers are blooming in absolute proliferation - there are just carpets of wildflowers everywhere - and the smell of them is heady - truly you just want to lay down in them and dream your way off to sleep in the sun - absolutely magic. and to top it all off it was the most perfectly perfect weather as well - as you can see, clear blue sunny skies, a gentle breeze and about 24 degrees celcius... it truly did do my heart good to get out into the open spaces and breathe in the goodness of the day. here's a peak at our slice of heaven...

i just adore this photo - asleep in the everlastings...

gorgeous grevillea...

exploring as only a three year old can...

dancing with a friend in the flowers - what more could you want?

it was such fun!

it seems our winter is slowly fading now. how is it in your part of the world? x me


  1. Gorgeous Donna - the flowers AND the pics.
    Yona x

  2. Gorgeous pics Donna!
    We always had a picnic at the coal seam when I was growing up! We will be up on the school holidays and hope to take the girls out there!
    Congrats on the sale of your beautiful art! You are soaring girl! Enjoy!

  3. Hey Doona...the pics are truly amazing. Love every one of them, the only problem, there needs to be more. Love the one of Milly sleeping in the flowers...priceless. It has been a privilege to watch your journey unfold. May it continue on and on...rxx