Why Scrap?

Whay do I scrapbook? I was browsing through the very talented Ali Edwards' blog and found this post which truly sums it up perfectly. Take a look...
I think I need to take more photos of the everyday stuff too. The toys, the clothes, the mess, bath times, tea pots and cups of tea left untouched. Washing folded in the basket but never making it to the cupboard, you know, the sorts of images I think that in the future will help bring back a sense of how life really was. It's so easy to forget, I know I will. But I dont want to! Hmm - I think I need to get some serious catching up done with my scrap albums.
But I love her style - I think perhaps I may start to try that clean line approach - it always turns my eye and seems so...what's the word - just plain old nice!
Have a few things on the boil atm, so hopefully I'll have something creative to post up in the next week.
The weather here is perfectly glorious - hope you're enjoying your neck of the woods too,
X Me.

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