Calling All Bloggers...

I was just wondering... Can any of you give me some advice/help or just point me in the right direction? I have wanted to change my blog header for a while now - I want to get a few of my own photos and merge them together using Photoshop. I've looked at many many MANY on-line tutorials and it seems that something I thought would be so so easy, looks like it's actually lot harder than I first thought. I haven't found a tutorial that makes sense to me! I've found that all the tutorials assume that you know so much already before you start - their starting points seem so beyond me! I'm sure it would be easy enough - I just need a step by step type thingo...
Anyway - if you can offer any help - it would be greatly appreciated and then I can finally give this ole blog a bit of a much deserved re-vamp.
Have a great day , love Me x

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  1. Donna, In photoshop, it CAN be difficult but it CAN be simple. The way I create a collage is by using the "Place" function. I can't remember which menu it's in, but when I found it, it was a life saver. :)