Jen Gray Wisdom

Well, I've finally finished the front and back covers to my new handbound art journal. It's been a while in the making - but I suppose I'm coming to accept that with a three year-old and a two-year old, things don't always happen at the rate you'd like them to. Now all I have to do is put it all together! I've also been reading a great book called The Creative License by Danny Gregory - so I hope to really do more drawings and quick sketches in this journal to keep the mind creatively active. And just to keep drawing and painting all the time. Hopefully it wont take too long to complete!

Read a wonderful quote by the very inspiring Jen Gray today...

"even though others may not support you,
even though the world doubts you,
even though you feel like you havent made much progress,
even though that person over there seems to be running down her path with total ease,
even though it seems no one sees you,
even though you are unsure,
you just keep on...
follow that map imprinted on your soul...."

This seemed to ring so true in my soul. (NB: I actually do feel very supported by my friends and family) - but i think its more the part that says 'even though that person over there seems to be running down her path with total ease' that really touched a chord.
'even though i am unsure... just keep on.'
these are simple yet powerful words. wise and easy and difficult but none-the-less true.
just keep on
X me


  1. I really like the journal. I might make one myself now =)

  2. Hey Don, how are you going to bind it? I have been toying with the bookmaking idea for such a looooong time. I even bough a book called "How to make books" but I'm such a procrastinator! Can't wait to see it finished.
    Don x