Beauty From Brokenness...

Instead of gessoing over the wierd face - I turned her into this... Once I started I just couldn't stop - and I'm really happy with her. I also love these new Primary Elements paints from Luminarte. It was so nice to lift the dark gloomy original image by using the shiny purples and pinks. She reminds me of one of those Hollywood Boulevarde over-suntanned skinny smoking 50-something women. Like the one on 'Something About Mary' (I can't remember her name!) IRL they are so shiny and glimmery - just stunning. I think the company is folding - so there was a great sale on. I didn't quite know what I was purchasing - so I bought a few things - but wish now I'd bought another of the primary elements kit rather than the twinkling H2o's.
The words around her head say "It was then she realsied that beauty could come from brokenness" I came up with those words as I was enjoying the transformation of this painting from a really ugly one ( that I hated and wanted to gesso over) into something completely different and beautiful. It got me thinking that even the broken and battered things in life can always be rescued and with a little love and tenderness, be turned into something beautiful and worthwhile...
Have a great day!


  1. Much better! Thank goodness. Mel xo

  2. She looks great Donna. Amen to rescuing broken and battered things with a little love and tenderness! Keep creating - it's healing for you.
    Yona x