Birthday Scraps

This is a double layout I finished last night for Toby's recent 2nd birthday. They're supposed to be side by side - you get the idea though! It's been ages since I've scrapped. I'm rusty! There's so many funky and creative ideas out there but I just feel as though when it comes down to it - there's not the time to invest on creating these works of art, so innevitably I end up throwing things together. I'm usually partly happy, but never feel as though I've truly done the photo/s justice. I've lammented over this before, and so far nothing has changed! So here they are - set forever on paper in the album - to be seen for generations! Will I ever be happy with my creations, truly happy? I hope so! But for now I'll keep plodding along and doing what I can with my time. What creations are you working on at the moment?
Thanks for stopping by, X Me
ps: the background is actually a lovely royal blue - it looks blackish here.

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  1. Oh Donna, you are so hard on yourself! These ARE funky and creative - and the fact that you've scrapped a layout of Toby's 2nd birthday right after the event is wonderful.
    Isn't it all about making memories? Does it always HAVE to be a masterpiece every time? Your kids will thank you years down the track for the time you took to make a record of their lives, and I'm darn sure they won't be critiquing the artistic process!
    Yona xx :-)