gotta get messy

well finally it's done! my very first art journal and i must say, it feels really good to finally be able to hold it in my hands. there's something very wonderful about a new book with clean empty pages, just beckoning to be painted, stamped, written on and whispered sectrets to...

now as for the binding... if you are a book binder or book maker - look away! you will find it's a very shabby job indeed, but i still like it. i initially wanted to bind it with the folded papers in signatures (i think that's what they're called) but accidentally ended up tearing them all into squares! so i had to think of another way to attach them into the journal and remembered that i had scrapped a small chipboard book a couple of years ago in this format and thought it would work for this journal too...

now all i need to do is get messy! hope you like it, and thanks for taking a peep.

before you go, you must check out this man... Kaffe knows colour...Kaffe knows design, you'll love it!
have a great day wherever you are, X Me


  1. I love your new art journal.

  2. Your journal is just gorgeous!! I cheated and bought one, so well done making one. I'm inspired to decorate the outside of mine since right now it is plain black and begging for some colour.

    Thanks for introducing me to Kaffe's work it's fantastic!

  3. Congrats Don, it's gorgeous in your pics and I'm sure it's even better in real life.....wish I could see it, touch it and yarn about it over a cuppa while the kids played!
    Don x

  4. Your new journal is wonderful; I especially love the handmade, comfortable quality it exudes. Makes me want to hold it and look it over up close. It's my kind of book. xo