a few lovelies...

hi everyone! hope you're having great weeks o far. i managed to get some precious time in the studio on the weekend and finished off a few more paintings - 8 actually - yay! so here's a few of my favourites to share... this one - titled 'cherish' sat half-finished on my desk for at least 6 weeks i reckon - and i was beginning to feel that it was forever stuck in the ugly stage. it was only when i resigned myself to putting it in the bin that i threw caution to the wind and got out my watersoluble crayons and attacked it with fury! the result was something i was pleasantly surprised by and now - well what can i say - it's a keeper!
live the life you've imagined - from one of my favourite quotes

and a lovely friendship one - forever friends.
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what are you waiting for?


it's all around you

didn't you know? love is all around you...

if this doesn't make you dance your socks off - then nothing will. go on - dance like no-one's watching...

and although this lovely lady is in my sidebar - i just have to bring her to your attention. i love how she makes art out of her photos - so beautiful and such a talent. a soft and gentle soul me thinks...

and have a little look-see at wish studio - check out the wishmamas link there too - full of inspiration for all you mummas who are double-majoring in motherhood and art...
have a lovely week. be inspired and don't forget to look for love.
X me


magic from my kitchen table

miss moo loves to draw, especially with a fat black artline marker - *shudder* so i watch her like a hawk - mainly so that little brother doesn't pick it up once she's finished and walk down the hallway decorating the walls! but they are such a rewarding tool to do art with - especially because you can then add paints and inks and washes to them afterwards. but i love all her drawings so much. they all have a little story to go with them. i find them in strange places, on the backs of things, in things, on things. they are like little rays of sunshine strategically placed around my house. somehow i'd like to incorporate these into my own art - they are just so beautifully expressive. the first one is of her aunty standing net to her van (see the steering wheel?!) mummy under the sun... NB: flowing long lucious hair...

and another one of her next to a car - she had just taught herself how to draw them!

and this morning she was drawing very quietly at the kitchen table. when she's finished she was so excited, exclaiming 'mum, look- now i can draw people with a body!" and earrings, and ears and hats too i was told! the figure on the bottom right is me - i'm the one with the beautiful tall hat and three part body like an ant!

isn't it amazing how they can be cruising along doing the same thing for ages, and then all of a sudden, bam! - they're off on a new tangent, exploring something else - teaching themselves new skills. it's truly a blessing to be able to witness the unfurling of the butterflies wings.
it's a lesson to me too i suppose. as i watch Miss M, and how her drawing flows, how there isn't too much thought or worry put into it. it reminds me that being creative really is more about the joy of just doing it - being submerged in the act of creating. it is the most important thing. and when doing so - beautiful things happen. magic is made...


love you guys!

ok - so i try not to post too much about the family here - for those of you who check in and don't know us - but because i haven't done that for a while i thought i'd better put some up... so, here's some recent pics for all of you family and friends who don't get to see the peeps all that often. the other morning it was freezing here (well cold for us anyway - probably about 10 degrees) and it was the first time Mr T has allowed his beanie to stay on for longer than 2 seconds. these two are often very cuddly, but it's just hard to get it on film... so here is the evidence - my son did in fact wear his beanie once, and that my two are - for the most part, pretty good mates...

and here's miss moo - aka roller girl! she had a great time discovering the bather's box and roller skating gear (theose are Mr T's Thomas the tank engine bathers!) i think these are just a bit scrapworthy - don't you?!

well - i hope you're enjoying the crazy milo-weather (for all you south west aussies that is) i just love getting cozy and having warm drinks and making soups! god only knows it will be 42 in the shade with flies in my eyes before i know it...
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i choose to be creative

well last weekend i had a golden opportunity to sink my soul into lots of creating - not to mention my hands into paint and gel medium. i spent two days at my brother's and sil's house holed up in their shed (while i wasn't reading Twilight II or having long cups of tea) working on some new canvases. the difficult thing is that having the time stretch out before you like a long empty road doesn't always make the creative process come any easier.
i am new to this. i haven't even been painting for a year and that was actually a bit daunting! i'm trying to work at being creative - even when i don't really feel like it. i don't want to believe that i can only create something beautiful or meaningful when my mojo is in town. those moments are amazing - when it all comes together with ease, but i also want to be able to work at being creative - work at my skills and still enjoy the process of doing even when i don't feel so excited or inspired.
because the truth is - most of the time i am tired, and most of the time i don't have much time at all, and most of the time, despite all of this, i still want to create. it's just there - all the time. i spent so many years neglecting that part of me, telling myself it didn't fit my lifestyle, or more so that i would never be good enough. i gave myself all the excuses in the book not to unleash my creative wings, until now. so, here they are. a little sneak peek at the latest to come from my studio. they are at about 80% complete - and i have a few ideas to take these kindrid spirits further - but will let you know when all is finalised. i'm not sure when i'll get a next chance to finish these lovelies off - but hopefully i can post them within the week.

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some friday faves

one of my dear friends Mel, has FINALLY got her act together and got herself a blog (he he!) so head on over, check it out and leave a bit of soul sister love for her new venture!

for the wonderfully whimsical and funny go and have a look at dudadaze and then check out these gorgeous little arty lockets - luv luv luv!

and i never tire of checking out this talented lady either - billy and button such a talent!

here's a couple of layouts - of miss Moo - i'm on a bit of a roll with the one photo layouts lately. i'm trying to work my way through my stash of papers and not buy new ones - hence the shiny green wallpaper pp - that's probably at least two if not three years old! i've been wondering how to use it and then got some inspiration from Stephanie Howell...

and i absolutely love this photo. was not sure whether i should have titled it 'aarrgh' or 'my pirate princess' - then found the chipboard 'so cute' and just gave it a go... she's such a crack up!

well i hope you're gearing up for a weekend full of fun and adventure - wherever you are. i'll be spending the whole weekend painting in my 'cave' (aka 'brother's garage') while the peeps spend time with their dad. so hopefully - something to show for it on monday - fingers crossed.

X me


i'm back again!

i know there's not been a lot of action here on my blog lately, well none for a week or so. it's just the way it seems to be with two littlies around. i can't dedicate a certain time for creative persuits - it's more a case of the planets aligning - you know? if a burst of creativity happens to coincide with children sleeping, together with me feeling awake and alive enough to respond to it all - then i'm in with a chance!
speaking of - there's a half finished painting which started with a flurry of paint and paper - and then i just lost 'it' - the vision for it - the direction... well i added to it last night and hopefully that has kick-started the process again - and may even have something to show by end of weekend.
until then - here's a few scraps from the week. for some reason the colour in these really don't do them justice - the papers are so nice irl. a few weeks ago the peeps and i went for a drive to Northampton for a picnic. wee found this amazing tree - perfect for little people to climb and the light there was great for photos. and it's always a treat to get a piccie of the two together! and of course - my new favourite photo of mr happy jack and i - just had to do a big one of that...
have a wonderful weekend wherever you are - it's a perfect winter's day here - sunny, bright and clear - and just cold enough to keep my jeans and boots on!
X me