magic from my kitchen table

miss moo loves to draw, especially with a fat black artline marker - *shudder* so i watch her like a hawk - mainly so that little brother doesn't pick it up once she's finished and walk down the hallway decorating the walls! but they are such a rewarding tool to do art with - especially because you can then add paints and inks and washes to them afterwards. but i love all her drawings so much. they all have a little story to go with them. i find them in strange places, on the backs of things, in things, on things. they are like little rays of sunshine strategically placed around my house. somehow i'd like to incorporate these into my own art - they are just so beautifully expressive. the first one is of her aunty standing net to her van (see the steering wheel?!) mummy under the sun... NB: flowing long lucious hair...

and another one of her next to a car - she had just taught herself how to draw them!

and this morning she was drawing very quietly at the kitchen table. when she's finished she was so excited, exclaiming 'mum, look- now i can draw people with a body!" and earrings, and ears and hats too i was told! the figure on the bottom right is me - i'm the one with the beautiful tall hat and three part body like an ant!

isn't it amazing how they can be cruising along doing the same thing for ages, and then all of a sudden, bam! - they're off on a new tangent, exploring something else - teaching themselves new skills. it's truly a blessing to be able to witness the unfurling of the butterflies wings.
it's a lesson to me too i suppose. as i watch Miss M, and how her drawing flows, how there isn't too much thought or worry put into it. it reminds me that being creative really is more about the joy of just doing it - being submerged in the act of creating. it is the most important thing. and when doing so - beautiful things happen. magic is made...

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  1. ROFL - love the one of "Aunty". Hope you're going to frame it for her?

    Can't wait to see the new garage creations.

    Yona xx