it's all around you

didn't you know? love is all around you...

if this doesn't make you dance your socks off - then nothing will. go on - dance like no-one's watching...

and although this lovely lady is in my sidebar - i just have to bring her to your attention. i love how she makes art out of her photos - so beautiful and such a talent. a soft and gentle soul me thinks...

and have a little look-see at wish studio - check out the wishmamas link there too - full of inspiration for all you mummas who are double-majoring in motherhood and art...
have a lovely week. be inspired and don't forget to look for love.
X me


  1. Wow...Misty's blog is awesome...she does a fabulous job of her photos!!
    Love your comment about the double major...in Motherhood and art. Love it!! :)

    Chelle Xx

  2. hey chick, just letting u know I DO pop by from time to time! ;) LOVE those AMAZING canvas creations you are working on... are you selling them?