i'm back again!

i know there's not been a lot of action here on my blog lately, well none for a week or so. it's just the way it seems to be with two littlies around. i can't dedicate a certain time for creative persuits - it's more a case of the planets aligning - you know? if a burst of creativity happens to coincide with children sleeping, together with me feeling awake and alive enough to respond to it all - then i'm in with a chance!
speaking of - there's a half finished painting which started with a flurry of paint and paper - and then i just lost 'it' - the vision for it - the direction... well i added to it last night and hopefully that has kick-started the process again - and may even have something to show by end of weekend.
until then - here's a few scraps from the week. for some reason the colour in these really don't do them justice - the papers are so nice irl. a few weeks ago the peeps and i went for a drive to Northampton for a picnic. wee found this amazing tree - perfect for little people to climb and the light there was great for photos. and it's always a treat to get a piccie of the two together! and of course - my new favourite photo of mr happy jack and i - just had to do a big one of that...
have a wonderful weekend wherever you are - it's a perfect winter's day here - sunny, bright and clear - and just cold enough to keep my jeans and boots on!
X me

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