i choose to be creative

well last weekend i had a golden opportunity to sink my soul into lots of creating - not to mention my hands into paint and gel medium. i spent two days at my brother's and sil's house holed up in their shed (while i wasn't reading Twilight II or having long cups of tea) working on some new canvases. the difficult thing is that having the time stretch out before you like a long empty road doesn't always make the creative process come any easier.
i am new to this. i haven't even been painting for a year and that was actually a bit daunting! i'm trying to work at being creative - even when i don't really feel like it. i don't want to believe that i can only create something beautiful or meaningful when my mojo is in town. those moments are amazing - when it all comes together with ease, but i also want to be able to work at being creative - work at my skills and still enjoy the process of doing even when i don't feel so excited or inspired.
because the truth is - most of the time i am tired, and most of the time i don't have much time at all, and most of the time, despite all of this, i still want to create. it's just there - all the time. i spent so many years neglecting that part of me, telling myself it didn't fit my lifestyle, or more so that i would never be good enough. i gave myself all the excuses in the book not to unleash my creative wings, until now. so, here they are. a little sneak peek at the latest to come from my studio. they are at about 80% complete - and i have a few ideas to take these kindrid spirits further - but will let you know when all is finalised. i'm not sure when i'll get a next chance to finish these lovelies off - but hopefully i can post them within the week.

thanks for stopping by, X me


  1. Yummy, can't wait to see them all finished. xox

  2. That is a beautiful inspiring post.Your right sometimes we have to push the boundries of our creativity.I love seeing your work in progress ,its inspiring to me:)

  3. girl I think I'm in love. Just wow. Glorious creations.

    Finally finished a Suzi class. Have some piccies on my blog. would love to know what you think :)