love you guys!

ok - so i try not to post too much about the family here - for those of you who check in and don't know us - but because i haven't done that for a while i thought i'd better put some up... so, here's some recent pics for all of you family and friends who don't get to see the peeps all that often. the other morning it was freezing here (well cold for us anyway - probably about 10 degrees) and it was the first time Mr T has allowed his beanie to stay on for longer than 2 seconds. these two are often very cuddly, but it's just hard to get it on film... so here is the evidence - my son did in fact wear his beanie once, and that my two are - for the most part, pretty good mates...

and here's miss moo - aka roller girl! she had a great time discovering the bather's box and roller skating gear (theose are Mr T's Thomas the tank engine bathers!) i think these are just a bit scrapworthy - don't you?!

well - i hope you're enjoying the crazy milo-weather (for all you south west aussies that is) i just love getting cozy and having warm drinks and making soups! god only knows it will be 42 in the shade with flies in my eyes before i know it...
thanks for stopping by, x me

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