She wears big hats...

i had a boyfriend once who gave me a small purple book of verse as a birthday present - i think the title was went something along the lines of " when i am an old woman i shall wear purple" .  i have had that book for many years and now, for the life of me, now, when i need it, i just cant find it anywhere!  but i love that title.  it reminds me that despite your age, your height, your weight, your colour of hair or complexion, or the size of your wallet, what's most important is just being the wonderful and beautiful you that only you can be.  and to do that without a care in the world, without worrying what other people may or may not say about you is the most important thing.  you know that positive poem curculating around - 'dance like no-one's watching, work like you don't need the money etc?' well if i could add one line to that i'd include:  
Wear big hats! 
be the wonderful, unique magical gift that you are to the world, and hold your head high.  be proud of your unique beauty and spread your special magic to others.  so there you go folks, a little bit of the inspiration behind this painting... 

and these two photos (below) show my first two prints framed and hanging on my wall.  i was so impressed with the quality of the prints.  it's very difficult to see it in the photo of course - but very crisp and clear - almost like having the real thing hanging on the wall!  so i'm pretty close to being able to print multiple copies of a few of the new paintings which is very exciting!  (btw - the frames were just Pixie Photo frames from Target - i think they look fine - what do you think?)  the printer down town uses very good quality long-life inks.  i'm pretty new to all of this - but the finished product look pretty damn spiffy to me!

well i hope you've managed to find some creative time in your weekend,  thanks for stopping by
x me


  1. OK, I'll be frequently back to yours for regular hat therapy. I love 'em. But I'm not sure I can wear 'em (so I'm be working with that sort of stick in the mud attitude so I can be old, hatted and wearing purple)...

    Hey, nice paintings!

  2. Your new paintings are gorgeous!
    Has your blog had a makeover? It's looking very nice!