she brightens your day

about a week ago, an old friend of mine felicity, got back in contact with me and asked if i would be interested in doing a comissioned painting for her.  felicity is a miliner,and (you should check out her beautiful hats here) a dear friend of hers who also modelled many of her hats for her, is leaving town.  so felicity sent me a photo of Kate wearing one of her hats and really, the rest is history.  i've turned down a few inquiries about comissioned paintings before  because i've never seen myself as technically able to produce a likeness of another person.  but when i saw this photo of Kate with her hat - i knew i wanted to do it, and i knew it would be great!  and i've also given myself the freedom to produce a painting which doesn't have to be the exact likeness of the person either (that relieved alot of the anxiety!) so here's the photo that Felicity sent me of the gorgeous Kate... 

and here's my finished product...  I'm really happy with the outcome, and it's given me another boost of confidence in what i do.  That someone asked me to create something special for a friend is such an honour, and that they love it is very. deeply.cool... :)


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  2. Gorgeous Donna - well done. Miss Boo likes the little blue bird. "It's just flying past" she says. :-)

    Yona (and Boo) x

  3. ohhhhhhhhh you are a clever chicky!!! XX
    LOVE her!

  4. This is Felicity & I was so thrilled with this masterpiece; as I am so very, very proud of my talented friend Donna. I have forwarded the link for Kate to make her own comment on "She Brightens Your Day" (wording chosen to aptly describe Kate). Big hugs Donna, with thanks & congratulations, not only on this particular creation but on your chosen direction. You are truly amazing! xflic