what matters most...

I'm reading a fabulous book at the moment called the gift by Lewis Hyde, and although i'm nowhere near finished it, it has started me thinking alot about our gifts and talents, and how they fit into our culture and collective identity.  i've been thinking about how we are each bestowed with precious gifts, (is cooking for my family a gift?  arranging a beautiful vase of flowers?  yes!) and must be good stewards of them - to use them wisely, but most importantly, to just use them.  it's as simple and as difficult as that really.  so this has been a bit of background to the words on this painting. for me, this journey has been( and continues to be) a wonderful and terrifying thing-especially to a) allow myself to do art (i'm not as good as them!) and to b) show anyone, and c) have someone actually want to hang it on their wall!!! so i really am trying not to look at all those amazing and talented artists out there with sooo much skill - because i believe there is aplace in this world for all types of artists, and creations. and it doesn't matter how good or talented you are.
 it matters most that you and i embrace it...

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  1. Aha but that's the thing Donna - you ARE amazing, and talented, and that is exactly why people want to hang YOUR work on their walls. Believe in yourself and fly!!!
    Fee xx

    p.s. How exciting to see that Swirly Girl is sending one of her Book Project books to you!! :-)