Through Her Eyes...

when miss moo was about 1, i decided that my sony cybershot camera just didn't cut the mustard.  it simply took too long to take the shot, and i always missed out on capturing the magic.  at the time my friend had a canon EOS400D which i played with, fell in love with and promptly bought.  i just love that what you see, you capture - no lag time...
so when Miss Moo wanted to start taking photos i handed her the cybershot and she's never looked back. here she is with me - taken on the cybershot, but here's a few of her own pics.  the world through Miss M's eyes...  I've deleted hundreds - i have had to be ruthless, but i so love seeing the world as she sees it.  and a big part of it is her little bro - dont you just love the faces!  and being caught red-handed (white faced) skulling a pot of yogurt whilst i was out hanging up the washing!

thanks for stopping by, x me

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