true freedom

when Mr Happy (self appointed name) fell asleep on the lounge today, i asked Miss M what she would like to do with mummy.  her response?  'paint with your paints!'  how could i refuse?!  so she chose her own colours, and we sat together, and i watched her paint, and listened to her telling me all about it.  i even recorded some of it.  it is just so refreshing to listen to what children say as they paint - in the process, in the moment.  they are so free and so uninhibited.  they thoroughly immerse themselves in the pure joy of spreading paint.  the painting changed themes at least three times.  it evolved.  it morphed from one to another like clouds changing in the sky on a windy day.  first an elephant.  then a red sky, then... 'you'll just have to wait and see when i'm finished mum' 
then she found new colours which had to be used.  wait until one layer is dry and then paint righ tover the top. the rest of the day may have been bedlam, but this was a calm respite. 
have you painted with abandon today?
x me

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  1. No, but I abandoned all common sense and went on the Tumbler. Does that count?

    Cute painting!

    (queasy) Yona x