porridge soup...

aren't i a lucky mumma - i'm having 'porridge soup' for dinner!
and on a different note... you must go and check out the work of this awesome ceramisist VIPOO(is that the word or did i just make one up?) he featured tonight on the abc art show here in western australia and is absolutely amazing. click on the gallery link and then each photo will open up even more of that exhibit/installation - absolutely scrumptious - esp the coral and mermaids...
and finally - i have been on such a high this week. why, you may ask? you may remember that i had some studio time a couple of weeks ago and managed to finish off about 12 canvases which i was really happy with. i put them up on my facebook page just to 'see how it goes' (there had been a few enquiries re purchasing my art work) and sold TEN that night! i'm so completely stoked about that and it has really fired me up to keep going and try some new ideas. i was hoping to sella couple and then over a month or so perhaps more - but for them to almost sell out in one night was so much more than i could have hoped for! unfortunately - and i've blogged about this before - it's either a flood or a drought when it comes to having time to create and paint - but i may have a new idea to increase my studio space (it's cramped in here) and spread my wings a bit more. for now there may not be a steady flow of art for you to see here, but there will definitely be more to come!
thanks for stopping by,
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