it's great fun to get away sometimes, but boy it's nice to be home! i've just returned from perth where i had a very fun week. i caught up with some friends from high school that i haven't seen in 20 years, had my nephew's 21st birthday celebration, caught up with family over dinner and a niece's 6th birthday, not to mention train trips to the city, a painting class with emily falconbridge, and going bananas at go bananas... phew, it makes me tired just thinking about it! (and i am).
i have lots of photos and will choose a few to post later - but here's one to start of emily and myself with my finished piece. the cocoon (yes, that's what it is...) was cut from dress making pattern paper and glued to the surface and then painted over the top. i loved that idea and will definitely use that some more. it reminded me how much i enjoy painting on wood as opposed to canvas - so i went to bunnings and had a heap cut to size. i feel a painting frenzy coming on! have a great weekend everyone!

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