don't be afraid...

to jump off the branch and fly...
to spread your wings and soar...
to step into the unknown...
to dream, and
to make dreams become your reality

my latest little creation - a mixed media piece measuring 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 in).
i have so loved creating this baby bird. mixing paper and paint - seeing it all come together into something beautiful - i can hardly believe i did it! but it truly is giving me the permission to keep going (if that makes sense). i'm starting to feel my own wings unfurling - i'm just scared i'll break the spell and this will all fall in a heap - when i so desperately want it to go on and on and upwards. i hope it does - i'm really enjoying the view at the moment!

x me


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  2. I love your art Donna - it leaves my heart filled with happiness!