developing my style...

i've been completely loving my time in the new studio lately(photos next post). and i have found that there are quite a few ideas brimming around in my brain. it seems that as i get junk out of my brain (and life), there is more space to be filled with new ideas and a clearer sense of me. the further i get away from some of the stresses of the past six months, it seems the closer i get to my old self. or is that my new self? and in all of this, i am searching for my own style, a unique expression of me in my artwork. what i like most about this little canvas is that it poured forth so easily - the equivalent in painting to stream-of-consciousness writing. i put my hand on the canvas, and it involuntarily drew! perhaps this is the word for me now? perhaps i should say goodbye to 'begin' and embrace 'grow' well i certainly want to explore more of these little canvases - so much fun, so beautiful and inspiring.
x me


  1. I love the art you are making now Donna. It is true that all sorts of rubbish can get in the way of creativity, dragging you down, or distracting you from the juicy stuff. Whatever you are doing it is the right formula!

  2. That is so gorgeous Don - I love it - and I especially love that it's YOU coming out on the canvas now.

    Keep painting, and discovering, and growing!


  3. Looks great, those bits on the side just finished it off! Pretty. xoxoxo