lovely ladies and a yard full of washing...

as i'm typing this post, i'm looking out the studio window and my two peeps are running around the washing line with squeals of laughter hanging off my jeans and tracky pants - oh well, i guess i'll have extra long pants now...
here's a few more paintings i managed to complete recently - and sell - yay! i call this one 'serene' and my dear friend Mel has bought her which i'm completely happy about because she's a personal fave. lucky mel now gets to choose her own words so it will be a really personal piece for her... this next piece - believe in possibility is also a favourite. title inspired by kelly rae - the ultimate 'possibilitarian'!

and this last one - 'wonderful you' for all those beautiful girlfriends who are just that. she has lovely eyes don't you think?
i'm so excited to have sold a few more paintings and have been able to buy some new paints and boards as well. and in anticipation of doing more and more and more painting, have kicked the peeps out of the play room and turned it into my...studio! it feels funny to use that term for some reason - but having the space is just fantastic. i like to paint standing up - and at a table - easels don't tend to work for me doing the mixed media type of work - so hopefully this will be the next nudge i need to focus in a little more on all my dreams and ideas. a few more tweaks and i'll post some photos of it next time...

i'd better go - i can see all my washing scattered over the back yard - oh no!!!

thanks for stopping by
x donna heart


  1. Your paintings are all so great! Congrats on selling. You'll get used to calling it a studio in no time. :)

  2. Hooray! You are a fabulous artist - you should wear that label with pride and enjoy having a studio. Cliffy was using the biggest room in the house (meant to be the 'formal dining/lounge' - can't you just imagine us with a formal anything?!) but Jett kept taking his toys and instruments into that room to play, so we switched the bedroom and the studio around. Best move ever - now the studio and office are next door to each other so it's nice for Cliffy and I to potter near each other when we are both working. Can't wait to see pics of your studio. Don Xxx

  3. They are gorgeous Donna, I especially love "believe in possibility". I'm glad you've created a proper studio space. :-)

    Love Yona xx

    p.s. Love the new blog banner!