The Wonders of Modern Technology...

I bought myself a webcam yesterday - as you can tell, mainly so that the anklebiters can have a chat with their dad and see him too. But I soon realised how darn easy it was to make a quick video and just email it to someone or post it to youtube too... Anyway, I don't think I'll be making a habit of this - but just 'coz I can, here goes!


  1. Hi Donna - great to meet you in person!

    Lovely news about the littlies going to sleep in a nice gentle routine. So good for them, but Soooooo good for you!

    I hope you have many happy evenings painting and designing :)

  2. You should do more videos. I love the sound of your voice! And getting to see you live. A beautiful face to go with a beautiful person and art.

  3. great vlog donski -- i am so happy to see you smiling and happy --- and so you should be with those two beautiful little people blessing you with easy 'off to sleeps' -- it takes all the stress out of it for them when they just do what they should at
    7pm at night...

    take care of you -- and your art is a rocking girl!

    love me

  4. hey chicky ..r u on msn ???????????????????????????
    add me if you r we can web chat ..yayayyayaaa