My (new) Studio

Oh yes - it's my studio all right - or so Ros and I are calling it. She says that if you call it that from the start, then that's what it is - so there you go - introducing - my studio!!!
And look at all these LOVELY...BUILT IN shelves (mwah mwah) I loe them sooo much... It means that a heap of my gear isnow OFF my desk, and my desk is now a clear space, rather than cluttered. I don't do cluttered very well. I know that's not really the mark of an arty farty artist - but there's simply no getting 'round it - clear is best!
So as you can see - all my paint pots on one shelf - and the shelf below is also filled with necessary painting items such as baby wipes, more paints - oils, containers and mediums, watercolour crayons and palette paper... All within arms reach ahhhh...
My shelves with scrapbooks and other ephemera - useful for scrapbooking and all sorts of interesting things!!! Note - my second hand/new to me easel which was a score at $20 - good eh!

This wall is a bit ugly but I'll start working on getting some originals up there soon...

And looking back to the window from the corner. It's not a huge room, but it's a great space - and the window is great looking out onto the verandah. It just fits everything perfectly and comfortably - now all I have to do is start to create! So watch this space ladies and gentlemen!

Thanks for stopping by,
X Me


  1. l;oooks gooood donna wish i could come play in your studio

  2. Love it Don - it's so great to see you happy in your new place. Can't wait to see the creations that come out of your "Studio".
    Love, Yona xx

  3. A Studio!! I know how wonderful this is - I just love my studio (mine's just a corner)too. And I like to be organised like you - can't bear stuff cluttering up my space.

    I look forward to your next creations.