Teaching the class I needed at 10

I'm very excited and it's all about this! Sometimes the universe just puts something in your path - and it's just the thing you need - the next thing. I would love to be able to run one of these in my town during school holidays. Sometimes I dream big though, I aim for stars and don't always reach... So - I'm gonna try - really hard to continue through with this. I love art. I love to teach (if you want to learn) and I especially enjoy teaching the upper primary aged girls. So hopefully, all of this will come together and be the first Mermaid Warrior Camp here in our town. Fingers crossed!
Thanks for stopping by, X Me
ps: check out the video on the side bar - how catchy is the song!

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  1. This sounds fantastic Donna. Well done! I wish I was ten so I could join in too :)