Love is a Verb

Next week is Harmony Week here in Oz. It's a week where we as Aussies celebrate the wide cultural diversity that makes us unique. My local community art gallery ACDC put out a message asking for artists to contribute works to hang in a gallery for the week as part of the celebrations in our town. I had a couple of wood blocks that I'd started and never completed, and decided to see where I could go with them. Well I've finished one - here 'tis... And am half way through the other. I only put my hand up for one piece - so at least I have met my commitment - and if I can hang two then that will be great.

It's a mixed media piece - papers, paint, gel medium, cardboard tag, purple ink (you can't see that lovely colour in the photo!) netting, and the elements in the top right hand section are a photo frame, key and feather butterfly. I recently bought these Dr Ph Martin's inks and am so pleased with them! They are so vibrant and easy to use - just paint on with a paint brush. I'm still experimenting but looking forward to using them heaps more...

There were lots of words I thought about writing here such as: friendship, peace, unity, compassion and empathy but when it all boils down, I think the best way to live in community with others is just to love people - practically. Love is a verb I say and it is as simple and as difficult as that.

Hopefully there will be another one to post tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, X Me.

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  1. Oh Donna, that's gorgeous. I love it. And you are right - loving others is what it's all about (although some are better at it eh??!!).
    Yona xx :-)