Babe All The Way!

Have you seen the movie Babe? The one about the little pot-bellied pig? If not - then do yourself a favour and get it out! Anyway - the words on this piece need to be sung in true Babe style - you know how!
This is the second piece I managed to complete this morning to hang at the QPT (Queens Park Theatre) Harmony Week art exhibition. It's also mixed media - with texture paste, bubble wrap, ink, silver foil tape, frame and photo - all done on a rather thick block of wood. The photo is of me and my dog Kunjie. I chose a wacky happy shot to try and portray the joy of a life lived in harmony. Not that mine is - all the time - but sometimes we get it right. At least I think if we all strived to be our true and authentic selves, happy in our own skin, then our communities may be a more harmonious place. That's my take. What's your ideas on living in harmony?
See you soon,
X Me


  1. I love this painting and the colours are brilliant - I love warm, vibrant. Harmony Day is fast approaching - it is good to be able to have something like this. Love your blog - thanks for visiting mine.

  2. Harmony is something that can be achieved if everyone co-operates and cares for each other, which means a win-win situation for all.

    Your painting is definitely in the spirit of harmony!

  3. Harmony, when everyone is in motion together and it is a sweet ride. I love this piece, so strong! And the photo is and added treat!

    I gave you an award, check my blog!
    XoXo, Suzi