Finally Some More Scrappy Screart!

The DM is still drying, and it's late, hence the angled photo to stop the glare of the flash - but you get a good idea! I'm really enjoying the whole paint thing. If you haven't scrapped with paint - do yourself a favour and get your hands on some. Two good things about scrapping with paint. 1: The page has a touch of you - your style, and piece of you rather than the pre-made, prefabbed - someone elses style stuff, and 2: it's a whole lot cheaper! If you're at all ike me and trying the single income thing but also want to preserve the memoreies, then this is such a good option! Hope you're enjoying life in the village, x Me.


  1. Stunning as ever you gorgeous chickie and OMG that mosaic is FANTASTIC! You are so clever... I LOVE IT! ;)

    I was at Stella Maris, finished Yr 12 in 1989 too. A year ahead of Melis.

  2. swwooooon i love these.....
    you have recieved an award...check out my blog