A Few More Things...

My big sis and her family are finally home safe and sound from their 6 month trip through India, Nepal and Africa. Yes, amazing I know - and the green is still draining from my face, but we're all sooo glad they're home safe and sound, although I did enjoy living vicariously through them for the first part of the year... I think I may be going back to using lots of photos in my layouts - got a lot to catch up on too - so have a few ideas. I drove down to Perth last week to catch up with the gang before they departed for Broome - so these pics were taken then.

And this is my gorgeous Miss Moo - very delighted to be in another little girl's bedroom - surroiunded by new and amazing toys. My sister was introducing her to their dog Lucy. Here's a snippet of the conversation...
Aunty Nellie: Moo, come and have a look at my dog
Miss Moo: oohh
Aunty Nellie: Her name's Lucy
Miss Moo Ooh - I like your dog and I really love her feathers (!!!)

Kids do say the darndest things sometimes - she was really trying to say something very complementary - it was so sweet!

Have you checked in at Gallery 12 today? Have a lovely week wherever you may be, X Me.

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  1. i love this piece...and omg what an adventure for your family