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Here's the Daily Life Family Journal. I just love how thick and messy and scrappy and well loved it is. I've had to re-glue bits back in it a few times, but it certainly has served it purpose of bringing much joy at reliving memories of the ordinary and extraordinary times of our lives...

I last entered a day into the journal last november so I've been feeling the call back to it lately - and I must at least finish off the book - only 4 weeks left for that. So I managed to cover about 21 pages the other night whilst at a friends house to scrap, and now just add photos and journalling each day or so. Check out the dates though - that's what you get from a SAHM who doesn't use her calendar or diary. What was I thinking?! So I'll have to wait now until the 27th comes around and take it from there - talk about getting ahead of myself!

Lovely to have you stop by - have a great day. X Me


  1. loving these Donna.

    such fantastic showcase into your life.


  2. how' lush is tha book ...you rock...
    have you done my cj yet ?cant wia to see your layout in it ...oh those bubbles are vellum(which i NEVER use ) but this one called for it
    thnaks for your wonderful encouraging blog comments ..i love em.