More Scraps...

Here's a few more scraps from my table... This first one titled Just Me was the result of a twenty minute challenge. I had a friend over the other night to scrap and it was ten o'clock before we even got started - so I suggested we do a 20 minute challenge just so that we'd at least have soemthing to show for all the hours! I'd never done one before, so here's my effort...

And here's two more for Toby's albums. I'm still getting used to doing boyish layouts and trying to find new ideas. These are'nt anything amazing - but it's just a great feeling to be getting a few more done. I absolutely love these photos of Toby laughing at the park and would have loved to make a dinosaur from chipboard to match the paper - but these days it's all about power scrapping and getting as much done in a small amount of time!

Hope you're having a great day in your part of the world. Thanks for stoping by and please feel free to say hello and leave a message to let me know you've visited! X Me.


  1. helllllllllo there...yummy fun layouts donski..how cool is the 20 min layout...you take such a wondeful portrait
    love your work babe..gorgeous toby stuff toocheck him out watching the telly..hehehehe

    loving the new blog links.which tells me that only 3 hours ago you uploaded..and now i dont miss a thing

  2. donski my love ..... i love your scraps ... they are the bestest scraps.... can you come play with my scraps... i will photog them for ya and you can have a play in your noggin.... ohhhhh......if youlike i will bundle them up off my desk and send them to ya with a pic and can you purllllleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee make a beautiful layout of it all for me .... just like your own,......

  3. Love your 20 minute scrap Donna. Sigh - wish I was half as creative as youse!!!
    Yona xx

  4. Dondon,
    Love the photo and scrap of little man sitting and watching a bit of tv....he is sooooo gorgeous.