I'm a Busy Little Beaver...

What a hugely productive day I've had today! Firstly, I managed to get three loads of washing done (by mid-morning too ) which I was pretty happy about. Then I mended my pants and a ripped doona cover, and made this lovely pillow for Millie's bed. My marathon-running barista sister, (who used to do cross-stich in a previous life but has now moved away from the cottage craft look) was going to give this sampler away as it's not her style anymore. So I snatched it and two others up (all that hard work I couldn't bare for them to go to a stranger!) and as there's not a spare space left to hang anything around here I decided to turn it into pillow art! So I've finished one, and have another to do tomorrow. Will post a pic of that too.

I also snuck into the scrap room when both the kids were asleep and managed to get this quick little LO done for my little man's first year album...

And, speaking of sleeps... As part of Toby's weaning plan, I put him in his cot today with the Night Garden music on CD (he usually feeds to sleep) and he only whinged for a couple of minutes, then listened to the CD for 15 minutes - another little whinge and then he slept for 2 hours! It's the first time he's ever put himself to sleep! Here's my chubba bubba...

And for those of you who have been asking for photos of the house, and laundry and various projects - here's a few. I finally finished off sewing the curtains for the laundry pantry/linen cupboard on the weekend. I was really happy with how they turned out. Like most of the things I sew - I make it up as I go along - so when I realised that all of the tab tops fitted side by side perfectly with no gaps (not intended) I was stoked. Now when the kids play peek-a-boo behind the curtain, I don't have to worry about them falling off - they're really sturdy. I used some scrapping buttons to brighten them up - and am very happy with the results...

You can see the step up to the laundry - well that is how high the tiler had to build up the concrete in order to get a level surface! It's about 20mm in the far corner - and about 60mm at the step! These pics are taken from the back sleep out part of the house - kitchen is to the right and back door to the left. More pics of those to come soon.

This is the study/scrap room. It looks a bit of a mess as it's the last place really left in the house to get packed away and sorted properly - not as big as my old room in Longreach, but better than nothing!!!
And on the weekend I also managed to finish my personal painting project - the front door! The colour is always better in real life than in a pic - and the same is definitely true for this - it's a gorgeous deep teal blue. I wanted a red door - to make a bold creative impact as you walked up to the house - but had to compromise with DH on that one! But I do really love this colour - what do you think?

Last but not least - I even managed to bake a batch of muffins today - I'm not normally one to post pictures of such things - but because I'm on a natural high from my oh so productive day - just thought I'd get a little more milleage out of it!
Don't forget to say hello when you pop in- don't be a lurker anymore! Thanks for stopping by. X Me


  1. oh my Donna...you are super woman...the house is looking FAB!
    Sorry we missed each other on the holidays...are you still after those birdy albums? I have located them and will post the up!

  2. totally in love with your house chick.

    the floors are DEVINE, and loving the door too.

    As well as your work, love that your like me and forever changing in style, and experimentation.


  3. Dondon.... i really do lurve the pics of your house and all that is in it. Really stunning. kiddies r gorgeous and the muffins look like they could be express posted to broome for some of your other friends to relish.... Oh... and do you sleep??