Laundry Floor Mosaic - Check!

Just thought I'd show you a couple of pics of how the mosaic turned out. I'm learning more and more about myself the more I delve into creative me! I realised that I was putting off doing it because I was afraid of failing - and I don't mean weep weep oh woe is me - just that niggly feeling inside of - oh yeah - tomorrow, tomorrow - and when I thought about it - I realised that I just felt like in my head things always seem so much nicer and better than how they turn out in real life! And being my first mosaic - I knew that I couldn't expect amazingness - but I just didn't have time to practise - so this is it - my first go - there on the floor for everyone to see. And having said all that - I quite like it - it's bright and colourful and lightens up the room - so I've achieved one aim!
As for the drawing I had - it turned out nothing at all like my mandala. I quickly realised after the first inner circle that I didn't have the tools, the skill at this point in time - or the time, to achieve those perfect lines - so I just basically said 'bugger it' and threw out my drawing, and just started putting tiles down without thinking about it - letting my eyes and the colours and shapes be the guide - so this is what evolved from that process. The only thing I don't like is the way the dark blue looks like a big hook coming down to the left.
Now I just have to finish off the curtains (for in front of those cupboards on the left) and the laundry is done (apart from a plumber putting the hot tap in and getting rid of those pipes on the walls)
Got a CJ in the mail today - Scrapwitches, so looking forward to adding to that one. Hope you are well and loving your life - love from Me X


  1. Hi Dode,

    That looks great - well done on getting started......and even more so, on getting finished! What an achievement :)

    Looking forward to seeing it 'live'.


  2. WOW! Good on you Donna....it looks so fresh and funky! I think it is gorgeous! You clever girl! See you in a week or so!
    Love Melis X

  3. Wow, love the mosiac. Aren't you a clever girl.

  4. That's awesome Donna. You are just so jolly clever!!!
    Yona xx

  5. Hi Donna,
    Just thought I would check out your page. Havent your 2 kiddlets GROWN!
    They are gorgeous.

  6. check this link out ..here's those thickers you where asking about