Didn't Make the Cut

Here's a few photos I took for the Simplicity theme over at Gallery 12 this week which didn't quite make it through the tough selection process I have in place! And there's one I managed to snap of Kunjie bounding towards the camera which I just love because it really captures his absolute doggy glee at being able to run free at the beach (complete with one blown out thong - what else would you find at the beach?!) Aparently there's a CJ winging its way to me as we speak, so some more scrarty love coming your way soon. And - will post some pics tomorrow of some lovely father's day presents I'm making for Mac at the moment... When is father's day anyway? Don't forget to have a squizz at Gallery 12 (see side link) and vote for your favourite photo. Hope you're having a great week no matter where you are in the village! Love from Me X

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