A Little Bit of Toby-ness

The little guy is growing like grass - so thought you might like to catch up on some recent pics. These were taken two days ago. Toby was having a fat time rolling around on Miss Moo's bed and there was a beautiful light streaming through the window. A couple are a little blury - but I like them too. So - hence the girly bed if you're wondering!

Just about finished a CJ for Poppy'smum's swap - so will have that to post in a day or so. AND - got a great book yesterday titled acrylic Revolution - so will have a bit of a play in the next week or so and hopefully a little more fruit will come out of this scrap room yet.

I'm thinking of re-naming it 'scrart' - rather than scrap as I feel as though I'm blending both scrapping and art techniques. Hmm Scrart. Has a certain ring to it don't you think? (I copyright that by the way!) Thanks for stopping by to have a looksie - hope you're well, X Me.


  1. omg donski...he is just adoreable thanks for sharing your lil man with us

  2. How cute is your little fella, the photos are beautiful a few ther for your to scrart with.

    Love Pam xo