Reduce Re-Use Recycle...

Just thought I'd show you a couple of photo frames I made up for Mac's new office at work. The idea came from Emily's blog - and they just looked way nicer than your run-of-the-mill silver or wooden frame. They're not behind glass though - but t'is just as easy to reprint a couple of new ones in a year or so anyway.

They're made out of old books, paper towels, paint, sticks, stamps, scraps of material and wire. I think they look great and will brighten up a very dull space!

I've finally attacked my laundry floor mosaic - so to speak. It's all been stuck down, just have to let it dry overnight and grout it tomorrow. So I should have some photos of it to post tomorrow if you're interested! Finish off the curtains and the laundry is finished! Got the second loo put in the bathroom too - just need a new window and to paint the ceiling and that's also finished!
Hope life is lovely in your part of the world. Leave me a message and say hi - introduce yourself, leave me a link to your little piece of cyber space! Luv from Me X

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