Magazine Ads and a re-stock...

wow - check this out!  This is going to be an ad running in the next issue of Artists Pallette magazine.  And to coin an old fashion phrase - I'm totally chuffed :)
Loving the Kelly Rae ecourse at the moment and gearing up with some new goodies for my ETSY shop re-vamp for the launch of the new website next tuesday. 
x me


  1. I love your work! I'm living OS at the moment and it was so lovely to receive a pack of your cards as a gift from a relative. It was a nice way to feel close to home xx

  2. Congrats congrats congrats ... you so deserve this. I love how you're following your passion and doing something you love each day. It is inspiring!

  3. Thank you for finding my blog, and posting a comment there - if you hadn't, I would have seen all the wonderful art on YOUR blog! I love your style - congratulations on getting published. I love your logo necklace - I had been thinking about doing something similar with my three stars! Inspiration everywhere - thank you so much for leaving a link!
    Very nice to "meet" you!! : )
    Your art is amazing.