People can make a difference...

The shire of our town has made a decision despite the huge outcry from it's ratepayers to bolt our heritage swing to the ground.  The funpolice (aka risk analyst) deemed it too dangerous and a hazard to community health.  Despite the fact that our foreshore remains un-fenced, all swings continue to move freely, the large pond at the Queens Park Ampitheatre remains un-fenced, as are our roads, skate parks are allowed and drinking and alcohol are not banned, the people in power have gone ahead and forced their will on the people.  Please take a moment to see this beautiful piece of history that has now been relegated to a mere park bench.  And all this only days after it's creator Randolph Stowe passed away.  Disgraceful...


  1. This film is fantastic Donna!
    i don't know anything about this actual story ...I did start reading Merry-go-round by the Sea in january but got distracted and left off. My brother had recommended is as one of his all time favourite reads...
    The mood the film inspired was just magic!

    lovely to hear from you the other day...

  2. aren't they CRAZY...there are soooooo many more things in Gero that needs attention! I remember swing on that, eating hot chips and dodging seagulls as a kid, then climbing all over the "yellow submarine!"
    Chat soon
    Melis XX