Moving House!

Hi everyone!  Wow - apart from feeling absolutely tired and burnt from both ends through lack of sleep, I'm (ironically) feeling very excited and buzzed about my new site being launched tomorrow!  I know there wont be any whistles or fireworks, but it's exciting none-the-less!  And to parallel this momentous occassion I've been participating in Kelly Rae's e-course which is absolutely jam-packed with ideas for starting a creative biz, maintaining one and building on what you may already have.  There is so  much practical information which is easy for us not-so-computer-literate people to chew on, and so much possibility being thrown around the place - it's quite intoxicating actually!  So yes, very timely for me indeed.  You may notice in the up and coming weeks that I hope to step it up a bit more with my ETSY shop, facebook and twitter as I try and get myself 'out there' a bit more into our on-line village square...  And if you have a moment - I would love you to stop by my blog and have a look at the site tomorrow.  Leave a message and perhaps win a few goodies.  But mostly I'd love to connect with you, hear where you're from, what you do and visit you too! 

This blogger blog has served me so well!  I started blogging as a way to keep family in touch whilst living away from home, and then it morphed into a scrapbooking blog as I jumped into that 4 years ago.  It veered slightly left when I bought my first DSLR and focused on photography with my 52 week challenge until finally coming to rest as an all-things-painting-and-art type blog when I began painting 18 months ago.  No fear!  I wont be changing it again!  But I'd like to mention that it's because of the name of my blog *heart* life that I took on the name Donna Heart for my business!  It has all those little quirky plays on words - like "art" life, "love my life" "love my art" type thingos!  So Donna Heart was born last November and I'm really happy to be taking the next step into my own website and saying goodbye to my humble *heart* life blog which has been so faithful!  (Cue dreamy male voice) ...so folks as the sun sets on this season, we say 'au revoir' to *heart* life and hello to:

See you on the flip side folks!

x don


  1. Farewell heart life. Can't wait to see the new look tomorrow.

    Me x

  2. Thnaks Donna for your lovely message on my Tattered inspirations blog - your work too is also inspiring thanksfor sharing it with us....

    Lots of love

  3. your new site is great - very pretty and your style comes shining thru in it

    I have just one suggestion for those of us who are impulse shoppers: on the individual gallery items you might put the words AVAILABLE or SOLD in the same large font as the word "description" a line below the description paragraph. If it is available, you could have the word link to the Etsy listing.

  4. I agree your new site is pretty! great message :) inspiring